In the heart of Noida's Sector 9, on 29th November 2021, was called to a mission of mercy - to rescue a newborn stray cow suffering from a critical maggots wound. This incident not only tested our medical expertise in animal welfare but also our devotion to the spiritual principles of Krishna and Gaumata.

Emergency Response for the Gaumata:

Upon receiving the distress call, our team, led by the experienced cow doctor, sprang into action. The calf, embodying the innocence and purity revered in Krishan Ji's teachings, was in dire need of maggot wound treatment. Urgent Medical Intervention at Our Animal Hospital Shelter: At our animal hospital shelter, the calf received immediate and intensive care. Our team, specializing in maggots treatment, worked tirelessly. This delicate process highlighted our commitment to animal welfare and our expertise in handling such severe cases.

Spiritual Significance and Duty:

In Hinduism, the cow is not just an animal, but a symbol of life and sustenance, often associated with deities like Krishna. Rescuing and treating this stray cow was not just a duty but a service to the divine spirit of Krishna, honoring the sacred status of Gaumata.

The Path to Recovery:

Under our vigilant care, the calf showed remarkable progress. Each day in our shelter, it grew stronger, symbolizing the triumph of life over adversity. This recovery journey was a testament to our dedication to animal welfare and the healing powers of compassion.


The successful rescue and rehabilitation of the stray newborn cow by is a profound reminder of the impact of dedicated animal welfare efforts. It reinforces our resolve to serve as a beacon of hope for every stray cow, guided by the teachings of Krishan Ji and the revered concept of Gaumata.

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