Gau Nandi Sewa, established in 2018 by Kapil and Arjun from Noida, is a shelter and hospital for cows (Gaumata) and bulls (Nandi). Inspired by the Hindu Shastras' emphasis on animal care, it started as a feeding initiative by Kapil and his mother. A significant incident involving a nandi named Orange and the unfortunate death of another cow, due to inadequate care at another facility, propelled Kapil to establish this dedicated service. The shelter addresses various animal emergencies 24/7 in Noida, Delhi region and operates with support from friends, government officials, and public donations.

GauNandiSewa, a renowned Animal Hospital and Welfare Trust located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, stands as a paragon of compassion and dedication in the realm of animal welfare, particularly for cows (Gaumata) and bulls (Nandi). This organization, deeply rooted in Hindu cultural values that revere Lord Shiva (Mahadev) and Lord Krishna, has been pivotal in transforming the landscape of Cow Treatment and rescue operations.

Embodying the ethos of 'Seva' – selfless service – GauNandiSewa operates under the auspices of Hindu teachings, which regard cows and bulls as sacred entities. The trust, registered under the Indian Trust Act (Reg No – 968/2020), has been instrumental in providing Free Help to injured and sick animals, often referred to as Gaumata and Mahadev Nandi Baba.

Their operations cover a wide spectrum of emergency responses, including but not limited to acid attack survivors, hit & run accident victims, and animals suffering from lumpy skin disease. This commitment to Animal Welfare extends beyond mere medical treatment; it involves a holistic approach to the well-being of these revered animals.

The trust's facility is not just an Animal Hospital; it's a sanctuary where the sacredness of life is upheld. Each case, be it a spine injury, maggot wound, or fracture, is addressed with utmost care and respect, aligning with the Hindu belief in the sanctity of all living beings. This dedication is a reflection of the deep spiritual connection that Hindu culture establishes with animals, particularly cows and bulls, revered as manifestations of divine energy in the forms of Gaumata and Nandi.

GauNandiSewa's work is supported by generous public donations, which are crucial for sustaining their large-scale operations. These donations are eligible for tax exemptions under section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act 1961, encouraging public participation in this noble cause.

Located at C-57 Ramlila Ground, Sector 62, Noida, the trust is accessible for those seeking to support or require their assistance. Contact via their phone number, 9899133399, or email,, is always welcomed.

In essence, GauNandiSewa is not just an Animal Welfare organization; it is a testament to the enduring values of Hindu culture, where the care of Gaumata and Nandi is seen as a service to the divine. Their work transcends the boundaries of animal rescue and care, venturing into the realm of cultural preservation and spiritual practice.